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ul. Słowackiego 30


62-005 Miękowo k. Poznania



ul. Dworcowa 4/6


75-201 Koszalin

I carry out orders throughout the UE, in particular in Poland, where I am based Due to my origin and current residence, my company has two offices in Poland: Poznań and Koszalin The cost of transport within a radius of 50 km from these cities is included in the price of the package.

About me

I specialize in advertising photography, photojournalism and wedding photography. Photography has been with me since I can remember, first I was fascinated by film cameras and developing photos in the darkroom. I am currently working in the world of digital photography on professional Canon equipment. I studied at the Warsaw School of Photography, but my real learning was traveling around Asia, Australia and South America, during which I created many wonderful photo reports.


I think that in my profession, the work of a photographer is best demonstrated by the results - I encourage you to familiarize yourself with my portfolio of travel photojournalism, wedding photography and advertising photos

fotograf Czerwonak

Privately: a traveler, father of two J&J, beekeeper, ITF tennis instructor, Ashtanga yogi, 5 Rythms dancer, a man of many interests looking for beauty around himself