Dance Photography for Corinna Janson - Tanzhologie Studio - Bad Kreuznach Germany

Since 2007 I have been cooperating with Corinna Janson's dance studio in Bad Kreuznach (Germany). As part of the cooperation, I carry out dancers' sessions in the vicinity of Bad Kreuznach, take photos in the studio and during the annual summary and performance on the stage of the so-called Tanzwerkstatt.


Open Air Ballet and Ballet around the Rock are original projects carried out with dancers from Corinna Janson's studio. The summary of these projects was the photo exhibition that took place in 2022 at the Cultural Center in Bad Kreunznach and the 2022 and 2023 calendars

Photo sessions at Tanzhologie Studio in Bad Kreuznach

Annual dance show on the stage :Tanzwerkstatt in Bad Kreuznach (Germany)

Open Air Ballet Salinental 2020 – Fotokast, a mix of photos and film made for the tourism and promotion office in Bad Kreuznach – leben.erleben.lebenswert. The project was created in collaboration and production with Corinna Janson. The aim of the project is to promote dance, ballet and Salline : graduation towers in beautiful town in Bad Kreuznach the Nahe region.