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Dobre wieści z talenthouse !! Moje zdjęcie: “Rybak na jeziorze Inle” wygrało w konkursie : Humans Of The World for Johnnie Walker. Zdjęcie będzie eksponowane na limitowanej edycji Jasia Wędrowniczka.


Good news from talenthouse !! My picture “Fisherman on Inle Lake” won in photography worldwide contest: Humans Of The World for Johnnie Walker. Picture will be exposed on labels of Johnnie Walker

(this assignment was done in Bad Kreuznach in Germany but in English language, so few words in English..)

Taking pictures of dancers is always something special for me. I love to dance and I love to observe people dancing . There is some special energy in the air when a person creates movement, when the beauty of the soul is visible through a dancing body, when there are the visible nets that connect people in a single group. For the first time in my life I really appreciated ballet (I have also taken a class;). I never expected that ballet has so much grace, so much air, mindfulness and concetrated mind.  It is so similar to tai-chi or karate (truly karate-kata…). One exercise  I love, is when one kid shows a move to another and the other repeats. It is so simple but it is so creative.  It gives kids so much joy and self-confidence.

And what I looked to capture, is that point of stillness, hopefully it is visible..

reportaż z warsztatów Corinny Janson

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